There was definitely an Angel on my side when I encounted Janice at Healing Hands, The sessions have been absolutely wonderful, Amazing on the improvement my feet and body are feeling. Janice, Thank you from my Heart!

Diana Chavez

I'm glad I found a true healer. A massage therapist suggested I should try reflexology. I didn't know anything about it, so I checked the internet and found many possibilities, mostly in connection with beauty salons. I selected Janice, because that is all she does. She is patient, knowledgeable and experienced. After just 2 treatments, I feel a big difference and improvement.


If you want to experience full and complete relaxation while taking good care of your body, Janice is the person to see. She is so intuitive with her hands she will make you melt. Janice is the whole package; knowlegeable, intuitive , compassionate and reasonable!!!

Terri McCleary

Janice is wonderful! She posesses the technique and knowledge necessary to effectively treat and alleviate chronic and acute ailments. I would highly recommend Janice to anyone looking for bodywork/reflexology to enhance their wellness

Rhonda W.

Remarkable. I experienced the facial reflexology. I had a noticeable shift in being able to cope with an unresolved issue. Janice not only knows her stuff but, she is incredibly intuitive as well.

Barbara Doucette

Janice is wonderful! My husband and I go to her for our backs, neck and hip. Everytime we see Janice she is able to fix the problem and make us feel great! I can't wait for my next session!


I have seen Janice for 3 sessions for metatarsalgia and a few other foot issues. Each session it is hard to leave. Having your feet worked on after more than 30 years of serious running is long overdue ! Since my treatment I have really noticed how good my balance is in yoga or other endeavors -- remarkably better !

Marnie K.

I have seen Janice several times for heel spurs. My feet feel great and still no pain the day after-it really has lasting effects. I look forward to my next session.

Carolyn G.

Janice is amazing! She truly has a gift for understanding the body and what it needs. Her completely balanced approach to healing is exactly what most practitioners lack. She is my miracle worker! I love Janice!

Brianna Tracy

Janice is by far the most effective practioner at repatterning the structure of the body. after one year of commiting to treatments with her, my scoliosis is nearly gone. I've tried massage, chiropractic, rolfing, you name it, to help with my spinal curvature and this is the only thing that has changed and stayed that way. What she offers as a practitioner is priceless and cannot thank her enough for the new body she has helped me to tranform into. I love Janice!!!

Gemme Huang

Janice has helped me with both my chronic foot pain (4 years I've had nerve pain and plantar fascitis) and my tendonitis in my arm which I've had for a year. She has made significant improvements in both. As a personal trainer and yoga /fitness instructor, I have recommended her to many students and clients.

Carrie Sowiak

Janice is truley gifted. I came to Janice on the recommendation of a friend, it was the best advice I've ever received. I let her know exactly where I was having pain and she thoroughly worked the areas, knew the nervres and muscles and relieved my pain. She was extermely thorough, and I left her office with exercises that would continue to help. I can't wait to go back again, and wold recommend her to anyone. She is knowledgable, professional, skilled and compassionate.


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