Healing Hands Colorado

Janice Sullivan, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Facial Reflexologist, and a Skillful Touch Practitioner. 

Throughout her life and for the last twenty-three years on a professional basis Janice has had the privilege of being a facilitator and vessel for many healing's. She recognizes that her work is divine in nature and she is merely an instrument for her clients healing.

Janice Sullivan / 720.334.9850 / Janice@HealingHandsColorado.com 
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She continues to expand her skills through an ongoing commitment to learning and growth. 

Janice relocated to Southern Arizona, and at this time she isn't scheduling clients. During her travels while teaching she normally opens up a few days for clients. If you would like to be on that notification list please send an email to healinghandscolorado@yahoo.com.